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How to Read Your Water Meter

On the new water cards, you will notice four different options to write in your reading. You will pick the option on the water card that matches YOUR meter. Follow these steps to determine which option you should fill in:

  1. Look at how many SOLID BLACK ZEROS are on your meter.
  2. Count the total amount of DIGITS on your meter from left to right (including any zeros) BEFORE the solid black zero(s). 
  3. Find the CORRESPONDING option on the water card that MATCHES the number of SOLID ZEROS and number of TOTAL DIGITS on your meter.

Below are examples to assist you in filling out your water card. NOTE: Your meter may not be exactly pictured here.* If you have any questions about filling out the new cards, please call the town office @ 306-745-3942. 

  The more often water meter readings are submitted, the more accurate your water bill will be! Lets work together in achieving accurate readings and billings!