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Business Licenses

Do You Conduct Business In Our Community?
All commercial, industrial and home based businesses, as well as those who conduct business in Esterhazy but are based out of town, are required to license their business with the Town of Esterhazy. The annual business license is effective January 01 to December 31. 

If you are operating a business out of a house or building that you are renting, it is required to fill out the Landlord Consent Form.



  • Your business will be listed in the  Esterhazy Business Directory by category, complete with your contact information and any web sites or links.
  • Your business will be listed on the town web site including links to your site or affiliate.
  • You will be able to post job positions available within your business or organization on the town web site.
  • The Esterhazy Business Directory will be given to all new residents and to anyone upon request that will help promote your business.

The Commercial Business License application is for those who conduct business within the commercial and industrial areas of the municipality. 

This includes Home Occupations, which is any occupation, trade, profession or craft conducted in the home, and is secondary from residential use. Examples of this include in-home hair salons, estheticians, massage therapy, construction, etc. 


Resident - $100.00

Non-Resident - $300.00

Single Job/Occasion - $100.00 per job up to a max of $300.00

The Daycare Business License application applies to those who operate daycare centers and day homes.


The Direct Sellers Business License application is for those who:

  • go home-to-home selling or offering goods or services for sale;
  • go home-to-home getting orders for the future delivery of good or services;
  • by telephone, sells or takes orders for the future delivery of goods or services; and
  • does not have business premises, including a home-based business, in the Town of Esterhazy.

Direct Sellers must be licensed with the Province under the Direct Sellers Act.

Examples are door-to-door alarm sales, and home party sales of make-up, health products, etc.


A Market Registration Form is required to be submitted to the Town Office, along with a fee. Please read the regulations at the bottom of the Market Registration Form for more information.


Farmers Market - $200.00

Flea Market - $200.00

Handicraft Events - $200.00

The Home-Based Business License application is for those who run a business from their home within the municipality for monetary gain.

For example: selling kitchen products, clothing, advertised baked goods, etc.

HOME BASED FEE - $100.00

The Mobile Vendor Business License application applies to any person selling confectionary items, coffee, lunches, snacks, ice cream or other products from a mobile vehicle, mobile structure or food cart even though they may reside in the Municipality and will be classified under "Specific Licensing". A separate license must be obtained for each mobile vehicle, mobile structure or food cart.


Vendor - $150.00 (each)

Ice Cream Bicycle - $50.00 (each)

A Trade Show is defined as a place where the public is invited and where goods or merchandise are offered for sale by retail or auction on a short-term basis such as hobby shows, home improvement shows, sportsman shows, and crafts shows. This includes exhibitions that are organized so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products, services, study activities of rivals and examine recent market trends and opportunities.

One license is required per trade show location and is only valid at the locations for which it is issued. 

TRADE SHOW FEE - $250.00

The Transient Trader Business License application applies to anyone who:

  • offers goods, services or merchandise for sale or auction; or
  • solicits any person who is not a wholesale or retail dealer for orders for future delivery of foods or merchandise; and
  • does not have a business address in the Town of Esterhazy.


Christmas Trees (per location) - $100.00

Fish, Fruit, Produce, Baking and Handcrafts - $100.00