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Esterhazy Sarcan 

Accepts bottles, cardboard and paper. What else can I recycle at Sarcan? 
Located at 913 Gonczy Ave.  
(306) 745-6912

Esterhazy Eco-Centre 
Located at the Landfill Site (free access), we accept:
  • Used Motor Oil ~ up to 500 litres/delivery, no minimum
  • Used Oil Filters
  • Used Oil Containers ~ under 30 litres in size

Recycling Updates

Loraas Disposal website

Loraas Recycling Map Showing Areas 1 and 2 

Esterhazy Recycling Collection 2024

Loraas Disposal Recycling Changes June 2019

What can I recycle?

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  • Garbage Collection
  • Recycling- Blue
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