Residential Permit Information Form

  • Applicant can complete the bottom portion of the form below and e-mail it to  with the documents required for a plan review.
  • DO NOT send this form directly to PBI. The top portion must be completed by our municipal official.
  • Form is pdf-fillable.  Type your responses, save as "PIF - Municipality Name", and e-mail it to the with your plan review documents.

Residential - Permit Information Form

The Checklist (download below) gives an overview of what is generally required for a plan review for residential building projects:

  • Complete and sign the E-Mail Consent Form at the bottom of the checklist.
  • Owner(s) should always include their e-mail address since they are ultimately responsible for compliance.
  • Form is PDF-fillable. Type in the fields and then print, sign and scan.  Print legibly in CAPITAL letters, if handwritten.

Residential - Plan Review Checklist.pdf