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The Town Office
  • Phone number is (306) 745-3942
  • 600 Sumner Street:  located at the corner of Sumner Street & Third Avenue.
  • Business hours: Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Building Permits: A building permit is required in advance for new structures, extensions and renovations. Permits are also required for moving buildings onto or removing buildings from property. Check first at the Town Office.
Zoning Bylaws: The Town has a zoning bylaw providing such districts as: residential, commercial, highway commercial and industrial. New activities in these zones are limited to the uses permitted by the bylaw. If purchasing property, check first to see if it is properly zoned.
Policing: The Town is policed by the RCMP. They are situated at 242 Margaret Crescent and the phone number is (306) 745-4740.
Speed Limits are 50 km/hr unless otherwise posted. School zones are 30 km/hr.
Pet Licenses: If you own a dog or cat, regardless of size, it must be licensed.Dogs and cats are not allowed to run at large. Licenses are $20.00 for dogs and $10.00 for cats.
Bicycle Licenses: Licenses are not required for bicycles.
Garbage is removed from residential areas on a weekly basis. Households are required to provide metal, waterproof containers, sufficient to hold a weeks garbage. All garbage is collected from the front and must be bagged. Private citizens may haul to the garbage dump, but are cautioned to keep loads covered and well secured en route and to dump in the designated areas.
Water: Our town water comes from wells and we have plenty of it.
Recreation is assumed in large measure by the Town and the Town’s Recreation Director coordinates activities of the many volunteer organizations and manages Town operated facilities such as the swimming pool, arenas and playgrounds.